Nicole Zaray is a multifaceted vocalist and songwriter who is known for theatrical and staged musical performances. Her solo music work has been presented at PS 122, the Roulette Concert Series, and Dixon Place, and she has also performed at The Firehouse Space, Spectrum, and the club at La Mama. Dedicated to studying the evolution of "The American Songbook", she was commissioned by The American Music Center to write about American film music history. Since college she has performed her unique versions of standards and her own compositions at private social events and art events for hire. Known for her theatrical and movement-based approach to music performance, she has taught performance at Centro Em Movimento in Lisbon. Other credits include: featured vocalist on Moby's CDs "Feeling So Real" and "Next is the E" (Mute/Elektra), vocalist / performer in Theodora Skipitares' "Under the Knife" and Karen Finley's "Momento Mori", and lead in the eclectic scifi flick "The Sticky Fingers of Time" which premiered at the Venice Biennale, played over forty festivals, and was released worldwide. Nicole has a B.A. in economics from Barnard College, having focused on urban economics, has a career working with non-profit community-based organizations. There are other famous musician/economists but we won't mention them here, since this is Nicole's bio and therefore her world.

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photo: Eva Mueller

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Track 1, "Loisada Lady" from the EP "A Woman Alone, Vol I"

Click the << and >> in the player to hear all tracks on the EP.

Track 3, "5th Avenue" from the EP "A Woman Alone, Vol II" .

Click the << and >> in the player to hear all tracks on the EP

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Selected Past Solo Concerts and Shows:

March 23rd: KGB Red Room - Nicole Zaray and the Deep Cats

May 14th: Women's Work - curated by Lydia Adams Davis
February 11th: House Concert
February 4th: The Firehouse Space

August 9th: The Footlight
July 9th: Caffe Vivaldi
April 30th: Tarot Society
March 13th: Firehouse Space
March 5th: Causey Contemporary Gallery - Lower East Side Art Walk

September 21st: The Firehouse Space

curated by Valerie Kuehne, with Motoko Honda, Lara Downes, Areni Agbabian
June 16th: SPECTRUM

Dixon Place Lounge Residency:
"A Woman Alone" : a collection of songs by Nicole Zaray
December 17th: Solo Performance at the Dixon Place Lounge
November 19th: Solo performance at the Dixon Place Lounge
October 22nd: Solo performance at the Dixon Place Lounge
September 9th: Solo performance at the Dixon Place Lounge
August 12th: Solo performance at Cafe Orwell [as guest curator for The SuperCoda]
July 28th: Solo set at Lit Lounge
March 25th: Solo Performance at Cafe Orwell [as part of the experimental music series The SuperCoda]

2010 and previous:
2010: Solo Performance at Brooklyn Fireproof
2007: Solo Performance at MonkeyTown [with visuals by Eva Mueller]
2006: Solo performances at MonkeyTown, Curation of 6 mo. Series at Collective Unconscious
2005:Solo Concert at Roulette
2003: Theatrical Run, "Bread and Circus 3099" at Lamama Annex [Score and Performance]
1999: Theatrical Run, "Bread and Circus 3099" at Dixon Place [Score and Performance]
1997: Theatrical Run, Theodora Skipitares' Under the Knife at Lamama Annex [Vocal Performance]

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